XML Schema: edc.xsd

Alert provide an abstraction over the alert messages sent in and out of the Everyware Cloud platform. It encapsulates all the information regarding the alert:
the timestamp when it was received by the platform,
the severity (CRITICAL, WARNING, INFO)
the category (VPN, CONNECTION, CPU ...)
the code of the alert
the message explaining the alert
a unique identifier (uuid) is automatically generated when the alert is created, it will be used to be able to delete a single alert.
The Alert class is used both by the alerts/search API to return alert results from the platform, as well as by alerts/store and alerts/publish API to send alerts to the platform.



name (type) min/max
account (string) 0/1
uuid (string) 0/1
createdOn (dateTime) 0/1
createdBy (long) 1/1
source (string) 0/1
severity (severity) 0/1
category (string) 0/1
code (string) 0/1
message (string) 0/1
attachment (base64Binary) 0/1


property type description
account account (string)
uuid uuid (string)
createdOn createdOn (dateTime)
createdBy createdBy (long)
source source (string)
severity severity (severity)
category category (string)
code code (string)
message message (string)
attachment attachment (base64Binary)