XML Schema: edc.xsd

AllowedCerticates is a container for a list of AllowedCerticate returned by a list allowed certificate call. It contains the list of requested AllowedCerticates and a flag signaling whether the limit for the maximum number of returned entities has been reached. If limitExceeded is set, the client is requested to paginate through the result by moving the offset forward and issue a new request to get more data.

Example to get all devices:

String apiPath = "allowedCerticates.xml";
WebResource apisWeb = client.resource(API_URL).path(apiPath);

AllowedCerticatesResult result;
int offset = 0;
do {
// if the "limit" queryParam is not initialized, limit default value = 50
// if the "offset" queryParam is not initialized, offset default value = 0
apisWeb = apisWeb.queryParam("limit", "" + limit);
if (offset > 0)
apisWeb = apisWeb.queryParam("offset", "" + offset);
result = apisWeb.get(AllowedCerticatesResult.class);
offset += limit;
} while (result.isLimitExceeded()):



name (type) min/max
limitExceeded (boolean) 1/1
allowedCertificate (allowedCertificate) 0/unbounded


property type description
limitExceeded limitExceeded (boolean)
allowedCertificate array of allowedCertificate (allowedCertificate)