XML Schema: edc.xsd

Device is an object representing a device or gateway connected to the Everyware platform. The Device object contains several useful information on the connected object including its connection status and its profile information. Each devices is defined in the context of an Everyware Account whose ID is specified in the Device accountId attribute.

Upon connecting to the Everyware platform, each device will publish a birth certification announcing its characterinstics. The device profile attributes can be divided into few groups.
The device identifiers are attributes which uniquely identify the device. Those include: id, clientId, displayName, serialNumber, IMEI, IMSU, ICCID. The device displayName can be updated by the Account administrator.
The device connection information are attributes related to the device connection. Those include: status, lastEventOn, lastEventType, connectionIp, gpsLatitude, gpsLongitude.
The device version information are attributes related to the device model and version information. Those include: modelId, biosVersion, firmwareVersion, osVersion, jvmVersion, osgiFrameworkVersion, esfVersion, applicationIdentifiers.
The value of the device custom attributes 1-5 are set by the system administrator as additional string attributes that can be associated to the device.
All other device attributes are defined as device extended properties.
When loading or searching a device using the Everyware REST APIs, a fetch parameter can be used to control whether the device extended attributes should be loaded and returned.



name (type) min/max
accountId (long) 1/1
id (string) 0/1
clientId (string) 0/1
status (deviceStatus) 0/1
connectionStatus (deviceConnectionStatus) 0/1
createdOn (dateTime) 0/1
createdBy (long) 1/1
lastEventOn (dateTime) 0/1
lastEventType (deviceEventType) 0/1
displayName (string) 0/1
serialNumber (string) 0/1
imei (string) 0/1
imsi (string) 0/1
iccid (string) 0/1
modelId (string) 0/1
connectionIp (string) 0/1
biosVersion (string) 0/1
firmwareVersion (string) 0/1
osVersion (string) 0/1
jvmVersion (string) 0/1
osgiFrameworkVersion (string) 0/1
esfVersion (string) 0/1
applicationIdentifiers (string) 0/1
acceptEncoding (string) 0/1
gpsLatitude (double) 0/1
gpsLongitude (double) 0/1
customAttribute1 (string) 0/1
customAttribute2 (string) 0/1
customAttribute3 (string) 0/1
customAttribute4 (string) 0/1
customAttribute5 (string) 0/1
optlock (int) 1/1
properties (deviceProperties) 0/1
uptime (long) 0/1
modelName (string) 0/1
partNumber (string) 0/1
availableProcessors (string) 0/1
totalMemory (string) 0/1
os (string) 0/1
osArch (string) 0/1
jvmName (string) 0/1
jvmProfile (string) 0/1
osgiFramework (string) 0/1
connectionInterface (string) 0/1
gpsAltitude (double) 0/1
deviceUserId (long) 1/1
accountName (string) 0/1
signedCertificateId (long) 0/1
mqttConnectionIp (string) 0/1
credentialsTight (deviceCredentialsTight) 0/1
credentialsAllowChange (boolean) 1/1
certificateCommonName (string) 0/1
brokerClusterId (long) 0/1


property type description
accountId accountId (long)
id id (string)
clientId clientId (string)
status status (deviceStatus)
connectionStatus connectionStatus (deviceConnectionStatus)
createdOn createdOn (dateTime)
createdBy createdBy (long)
lastEventOn lastEventOn (dateTime)
lastEventType lastEventType (deviceEventType)
displayName displayName (string)
serialNumber serialNumber (string)
imei imei (string)
imsi imsi (string)
iccid iccid (string)
modelId modelId (string)
connectionIp connectionIp (string)
biosVersion biosVersion (string)
firmwareVersion firmwareVersion (string)
osVersion osVersion (string)
jvmVersion jvmVersion (string)
osgiFrameworkVersion osgiFrameworkVersion (string)
esfVersion esfVersion (string)
applicationIdentifiers applicationIdentifiers (string)
acceptEncoding acceptEncoding (string)
gpsLatitude gpsLatitude (double)
gpsLongitude gpsLongitude (double)
customAttribute1 customAttribute1 (string)
customAttribute2 customAttribute2 (string)
customAttribute3 customAttribute3 (string)
customAttribute4 customAttribute4 (string)
customAttribute5 customAttribute5 (string)
optlock optlock (int)
properties properties (deviceProperties)
uptime uptime (long)
modelName modelName (string)
partNumber partNumber (string)
availableProcessors availableProcessors (string)
totalMemory totalMemory (string)
os os (string)
osArch osArch (string)
jvmName jvmName (string)
jvmProfile jvmProfile (string)
osgiFramework osgiFramework (string)
connectionInterface connectionInterface (string)
gpsAltitude gpsAltitude (double)
deviceUserId deviceUserId (long)
accountName accountName (string)
signedCertificateId signedCertificateId (long)
mqttConnectionIp mqttConnectionIp (string)
credentialsTight credentialsTight (deviceCredentialsTight)
credentialsAllowChange credentialsAllowChange (boolean)
certificateCommonName certificateCommonName (string)
brokerClusterId brokerClusterId (long)