XML Schema: edc.xsd

DeviceCreator encapsulates all the information needed to create a new Device in the system. The data provided will be used to seed the new Device and its related information. The clientId field of the Device is used to store the MAC address of the primary network interface of the device. The Device will always be created with connection status disconnected and no last event information. The fields of the DeviceCreator presents the attributes that are searchable for a given device. The DeviceCreator Properties field can be used to provide additional properties associated to the Device; those properties will not be searchable through Device queries. Some of those properties are recognized by the platform and promoted a top level attributes of the Device class.



name (type) min/max
accountId (long) 1/1
deviceUserId (long) 1/1
clientId (string) 0/1
displayName (string) 0/1
modelId (string) 0/1
serialNumber (string) 0/1
imei (string) 0/1
imsi (string) 0/1
iccid (string) 0/1
firmwareVersion (string) 0/1
biosVersion (string) 0/1
osVersion (string) 0/1
jvmVersion (string) 0/1
osgiFrameworkVersion (string) 0/1
esfVersion (string) 0/1
connectionIp (string) 0/1
acceptEncoding (string) 0/1
applicationIdentifiers (string) 0/1
gpsLatitude (double) 0/1
gpsLongitude (double) 0/1
customAttribute1 (string) 0/1
customAttribute2 (string) 0/1
customAttribute3 (string) 0/1
customAttribute4 (string) 0/1
customAttribute5 (string) 0/1
properties (string) 0/1
signedCertificateId (long) 0/1
credentialsTight (deviceCredentialsTight) 0/1
credentialsAllowChange (boolean) 1/1
certificateCommonName (string) 0/1


property type description
accountId accountId (long)
deviceUserId deviceUserId (long)
clientId clientId (string)
displayName displayName (string)
modelId modelId (string)
serialNumber serialNumber (string)
imei imei (string)
imsi imsi (string)
iccid iccid (string)
firmwareVersion firmwareVersion (string)
biosVersion biosVersion (string)
osVersion osVersion (string)
jvmVersion jvmVersion (string)
osgiFrameworkVersion osgiFrameworkVersion (string)
esfVersion esfVersion (string)
connectionIp connectionIp (string)
acceptEncoding acceptEncoding (string)
applicationIdentifiers applicationIdentifiers (string)
gpsLatitude gpsLatitude (double)
gpsLongitude gpsLongitude (double)
customAttribute1 customAttribute1 (string)
customAttribute2 customAttribute2 (string)
customAttribute3 customAttribute3 (string)
customAttribute4 customAttribute4 (string)
customAttribute5 customAttribute5 (string)
properties properties (string)
signedCertificateId signedCertificateId (long)
credentialsTight credentialsTight (deviceCredentialsTight)
credentialsAllowChange credentialsAllowChange (boolean)
certificateCommonName certificateCommonName (string)