XML Schema: edc.xsd

Possible Values

value description
CONNECTED Device connected to the broker
BIRTH Device published a birth certificate
DC Device published a death certificate
DISCONNECTED Device disconnected from the broker
MISSING Device is missing (did not disconnect cleanly)
CONF_COMP_UPDATED Device component configuration was updated
CONF_UPDATED Device configuration was updated
CONF_ROLLEDBACK Device configuration was rolled back
DEPLOY_DOWNLOADED Deployment package was downloaded
DEPLOY_INSTALLED Deployment package was installed
DEPLOY_UNINSTALLED Deployment package was uninstalled
CMD_EXECUTED Command was executed on the device
APPS_UPDATED Device applications were updated
BUNDLE_STARTED Device bundle was started
BUNDLE_STOPPED Device bundle was stopped
UNDER_PROVISIONING Device is currently being provisioned
PROVISIONING_FAILED Device provisioning failed
PROVISIONED Device was successfully provisioned
CERTIFICATE_UPDATED Device certificate was successfully updated
CERTIFICATE_REVOKED Device certificate was successfully revoked
CERTIFICATE_UPDATE_ERROR An error occurred while updating the device certificate