Extends: edcEntity
XML Schema: edc.xsd

ProvisionRequest is a object that represent all information of a provision request for a device.

A provision request is owned by the target account even if the device will connect to the provision broker using a user that belong to the provision account.

A ProvisionRequest object contains a nested ProvisionJob that represent the background job that will be triggered upon device request to be provisioned. The nested ProvisionJob will contain information the provisioning process of a device, its retry counter and general status.



name (type) min/max
id (long) 1/1
accountId (long) 1/1
createdOn (dateTime) 0/1
createdBy (long) 1/1
modifiedOn (dateTime) 0/1
modifiedBy (long) 1/1
activatesOn (dateTime) 0/1
expiresOn (dateTime) 0/1
status (provisionRequestStatus) 0/1
clientId (string) 0/1
activationKey (string) 0/1
provisionUserId (long) 1/1
provisionJob (provisionJob) 0/1
optlock (int) 1/1
provisionSecureURL (boolean) 1/1
provisionedCredentialsTight (deviceCredentialsTight) 0/1


property type description
id id (long)
accountId accountId (long)
createdOn createdOn (dateTime)
createdBy createdBy (long)
modifiedOn modifiedOn (dateTime)
modifiedBy modifiedBy (long)
activatesOn activatesOn (dateTime)
expiresOn expiresOn (dateTime)
status status (provisionRequestStatus)
clientId clientId (string)
activationKey activationKey (string)
provisionUserId provisionUserId (long)
provisionJob provisionJob (provisionJob)
optlock optlock (int)
provisionSecureURL provisionSecureURL (boolean)
provisionedCredentialsTight provisionedCredentialsTight (deviceCredentialsTight)