metricValue element

Type: edcMetricValue
XML Schema: edc.xsd

EdcMetricValue represents an instance of a metric stored in metricsByValue or metricsByTimestamp column families. The metric is defined by a timestamp, a value and the UUID of the message on which the metric was published. The timestamp is a long type. The value is the string representation of the corresponding value object.????? For the primitive types, the conversion is straight forward. Values of type base64Binary represent a metric of type byte array; in this case, the metric value is serialized into a base64 encoded string.

Example XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <metricValue xmlns=""> <timestamp>...</timestamp> <value>...</value> <uuid>...</uuid> </metricValue>

Example JSON

{ "timestamp" : ..., "value" : "...", "uuid" : "..." }