ruleCreator Data Type

RuleCreator encapsulates all the information needed to create a new Rule in the system. A Rule is associated to an Account.

name data type type namespace min/max occurs constraints wrapped by description
accountId long element edc 1/1 required    
name string element edc 0/1      
description string element edc 0/1      
enabled boolean element edc 1/1 required    
query string element edc 0/1     Specifies the Esper query using the Event Processing Language (EPL). For more information about using EPL please refer to the example templates the Esper documentation.

The properties for the EdcMessageEvent object are: isControlTopic, account, asset, semanticTopic, fullTopic, receivedOn, metrics, sentOn, position, payload, isForwarded, and UUID.

ruleActionConfiguration list of ruleActionConfiguration element edc 0/unbounded   ruleActionConfigurations  


<ruleCreator xmlns="">