user Data Type

name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
id long element edc 1/1  
accountId long element edc 1/1  
username string element edc 0/1  
createdOn dateTime element edc 0/1  
createdBy long element edc 1/1  
modifiedOn dateTime element edc 0/1  
modifiedBy long element edc 1/1  
status userStatus element edc 0/1  
password string element edc 0/1  
displayName string element edc 0/1  
email string element edc 0/1  
phoneNumber string element edc 0/1  
loginOn dateTime element edc 0/1  
loginAttempts int element edc 1/1  
lockedOn dateTime element edc 0/1  
optlock int element edc 1/1 The optlock field is used to detect that this entity has not been modified by someone else. When updating an entity, first do a find to get the latest version of the entity and note the value of the optlock. Then in the update operation, set the optlock value to match the value that you found. If someone else has updated the entity between your find and update operations, the update will fail and the db/server will return an error.

See this stackoverflow question for more information on optimistic locking.

loginAttemptsResetOn dateTime element edc 0/1  
unlockOn dateTime element edc 0/1  
trust_date dateTime element edc 0/1  


<user xmlns="">